Nice Voyage takes care of every detail of your stay and offers

a wide range of transfer options, in order  to meet all needs.

To guarantee our customers a high quality transfer,

we work with qualified drivers.


We can provide transfer services ranging between luxury cars for VIP groups

to buses equipped with all comforts such as wi-fi on board and air conditioning.


We also provide vintage cars or Vespa motorcycles to  make your journey

become a kind of retro Dolce Vita experience

Nice Voyage

We only offer high quality and personalised services.

For those requiring reduced travel times

we can provide you helicopter transfers,

enjoying magnificent aerial views of the landscape

Nice Voyage

For a transfer by sea,

you can always choose among a wide  range of crafts

for any long or short distance transfer:

from luxury yachts to the typical Sorrento fishing boat  (“gozzo”)

up to sailing ships for exclusive tours

Nice Voyage